2008 "Design Your Own Metcard competition" winner

Earliest known issue: 19th June 2008

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In late 2007, Metlink announced a "Design your own metcard" competition for which they received some 3,000 entries. The winning entry was submitted by Kate Droukman. It appears that the final design as shown on the tickets was a slight reworking of her winning design.

In January 2008, it was announced on the Metlink site that Kate was the winner of the competition and gave a background of what her winning design was based on, but did not illustate her winning entry at that time. In the same news item it was clearly stated that "Kate's exclusive Metcard design will be printed for distribution amongst our current celebrity Metcard design collection and will be available for purchase on-line or from our retail agents" (It should be noted that the Celebrity metcard designs had already been available online since October and from retailers since November 2007).

It was not until mid June 2008 that the first examples of Kates design were finally seen. It is not clear why there was such a lengthy delay between the initial announcement and the design finally appearing.

Three things to note:
1. To date this is proving to be an extremely elusive ticket to find with very few used examples seen so far and all being Daily Full Fare Zone 1;
2. This design has been distributed amongst what we consider the very last stock of the Celebrity metcard series to be supplied to the retail network
3. Kate's design was illustrated on the Metlink site from the 7th July 2008.

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To quote the Metlink site "Kate's winning design is based on her enthusiasm for the Melbourne Tigers. Experimenting with colour and shape, Kate's design illustrates the fun and excitement of basketball while staying true to the beloved Melbourne Tigers livery".

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