Value Metcard design

Earliest known issue: 17th October 2008

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From our obsevations a new design pre-encoded metcard went on sale through retailers from mid October 2008. These distinctive plum coloured tickets are the outcome of an earlier two month campaign, commencing on July 20th 2008, encouraging public transport users to consider purchasing multi trip metcards rather than individual tickets as they travel. At that time the campaign targetted the 10x 2hour, 5x Daily, Weekly and Monthly metcards. The outcome of this is that over time, these four fare types have all but ceased to appear on the blue generic and Celebrity metcard pre-encoded tickets in favour of the dedicated Value design.

Examples of the four fare types that were the basis of the "bulk buy" campaign are shown below.
NOTE: ALL value metcards use the "S-5" designator exclusively.

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The 5x Weekend Daily, 5x Seniors Daily and the 10x City Saver were not acknowledged during the "bulk buy" campaign.
Later reference to the "Value metcard" series has included these fare types.

The first 5 x Weekend Daily on Value metcard design was found during December 2009 and the 5 x Seniors Daily finally appeared during March 2011.

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A special value metcard wallet was released as part of the bulk buy campaign and is illustrated in the metcard wallets section.