3 Arrow Design

Page last modified/checked: Wednesday, 12 March 2003
From a chronological point of view, this design featuring 3 arrows is placed first as we consider it to be the initial face of Metcard. It was used extensively to illustrate most early promotional and retail material/displays. It is known that a small number were included in the Metcard kits provided to staff during their training process, and were probably used for the intial testing of tram based equipment. After the introduction of Metcard from August 1996, using what we have termed the "standard design" with a single large arrow, nothing further was seen of the three arrow design. To our astonishment, in March 1998 a small number of used 3 arrow design tickets were found, obviously the residue of the only printing of this design ever supplied. It is known that they came from a United States manufacturer, probably because an Australian supplier had not yet been contracted.