Daily 5 Pack design

Earliest known issue: 8th January 2004

Page last modified/checked: Sunday, 18 June, 2006
Effective with the fare rise on 1st January 2004, all daily tickets are now also offered in booklets containing 5 pre-encoded tear-out tickets at a price discounted to that of purchasing individual tickets. This marketing technique, to encourage pre-purchase, has not been used since the 1990 scratch ticket era. The booklets are sold from retail outlets, the Met shop and the Metcard help line, although stocks were not received by the former two until the second week of January 2004.

The front of the booklet

Showing the serated left hand edge

The rear of the booklet showing the barcode and the "187" ordering number

The tickets from this particlar booklet were J-f2, J-f1, J-f3, J-f2 and J-f1 in that order (ie no J-f4), and the ticket numbers ran sequentially backwards from 08114915 to 08114911.

Since mid-May 2004, a variation has appeared with the lettering "BOF5" appearing after the fare type as shown below:

TMA issues

Since mid-June 2004, a TMA version of the Daily 5-pack has been on issue:

The TMA version has another different style of designator, this time using commas as seperators.
As well, this is the first instance of the 1006 "prefix":

Since early January 2006, the TMA issues have appeared with individual designators rather than the comma separated style as shown above.
In this latest style, Ta-1 to T-a3, T-b1 to T-b3, T-c1 to T-c3 and T-d1 to T-d3 are known.