Melbourne Food - 1st Machine Issue series

Machine issue only - Yellow stripe

On issue by 4th September 1999

Page last modified/checked: Saturday, 23 February 2002
The six designs in this series were each repeated twice, using different designators.
The official names for the designs are unknown, however the following approximations seem reasonable:
M A1 and M C2: "Grilled Food", M A2 and M C1: "Cafe Food", M A3 and M B4: "Take-Away Food",
M A4 and M B1: "Chinese Food", M B2 AND M C3: "Italian Food", M B3 and M C4: "Bar-B-Q Food".
The respective designators are shown under each appropriate ticket.
Clicking on any designator will bring up a 100dpi image (approx 22k).

M A1
M C2

M A2
M C1

M A3
M B4

M A4
M B1

M B2
M C3

M B3
M C4

The reason for the yellow stripe is unknown at this time.
It is, however, in the location that the ticket details are printed on a pre-encoded ticket.

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