Melbourne Food - 2nd Machine Issue series

Earliest issue found: 21st September 1999

Page last modified/checked: Saturday, 23 February 2002
The first examples found of this series were all issued on buses (089 designators). It was some weeks before the first of the rail (and later tram) issues were found.

The six designs in this series were each repeated twice, using different designators.
The official names for the designs are unknown, however the following approximations seem reasonable:
M A1 and M C2: "Grilled Food", M A2 and M C1: "Cafe Food", M A3 and M B3: "Chinese Food",
M A4 and M B4: "Take-Away Food", M B1 AND M C4: "Bar-B-Q Food", M B2 and M C3: "Italian Food".
The respective designators are shown under each appropriate ticket.
Clicking on any designator will bring up a 100dpi image (approx 22k).

M A1
M C2

M A2
M C1

M A3
M B3

M A4
M B4

M B1
M C4

M B2
M C3

A number of the M A2 (or M C1) designs were found with a missing designator. A link is provided to a scan of one of these tickets.

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