Pre-encoded Blue Generic design

Earliest known issue: 24th March 2001

Page last modified/checked: Tuesday, 2 April 2002
Again, a single design, found with all twelve designators - MA 1 to MA 4, MB 1 to MB 4, MC 1 to MC 4,
and with both 01002 and 01003 "prefixes".

This is the design which launched the "One Card, Many Adventures" TV and press advertising campaign. The campaign commenced on the 5th March 2001, so it has been quite a wait until the first used example was finally found. It is possible that this delay was planned to co-incide with the introduction of the first large graduating class of tram attendants; as a group of attendants was shown on the nightly Melbourne news (Friday 23rd March 2001) along with the Transport Minister, proudly displaying this new Metcard. These tickets are also being supplied to the retail network.

This is the fourth pre-encoded design to feature rail+2 full fare issues,
but only the second to also have concession issues.

MA 1 to MC 4 inclusive are known

MA 1 to MA 4 only have been seen