Metcard - Test Issues

Page last modified/checked: Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Test Fronts/Test Print back

The test issues were able to be found fairly easily during the initial testing phase of the Metcard system and occasionally may still be found. These tickets were also freely used by staff passing through the PTC training centre at Transport House prior to the introduction of Metcard. Initially, there were only two known designators: blank and C. The M C1 to M C4 series were found by August 2000; the M A1 to M A4 series by November 2001, and the M B1 to M B4 group by January 2002.

No designator

Designator "C"

M A4

M B2

M C1

A vending machine printer test will result in the left hand print pattern. As this is a standard maintenance test, these may still be found. The right hand ticket may be a validator printer test, though no further examples have been found.

This ticket appears to have been generated during the testing of an 065 Booking Office machine.

The following were used as test tickets fairly recently (by March 2004).
Note that there are no front numbers on either.

At first glance, this appears to be a standard new Moores issue, however, the designator is in the upper right hand corner, whereas current Moores stock has the designator immediately above the magnetic strip.

Again, what appears to be a standard Magnadata Handy Hint. But in this case, this is a "new" slogan, only seen on Handy Hints which have been produced on tickets with the metlink logo in the lower left hand corner.

It is not currently known why these two tickets have appeared in altered formats. Perhaps they were provided as samples which are now being used only for testing purposes.