UITP Conference - Delegates Ticket

(International Union of Public Transport, based in Brussels, Belgium)

Page last modified/checked: Saturday, 23 February 2002
The existance of this ticket only came to our attention through the December 2000 issue of "Ticket News", published by the Australian Transport Ticket Collectors Association.

Please DO NOT contact the ATTCA or us in the hope of obtaining an example as there is no source for further tickets.

This ticket was provided in conjunction with the 5th Annual Light rail and Tram Conference held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre during the second week of October 2000. Quoting Ticket News - "all delegates were provided with a free Metcard available for 7 days". Nothing on the ticket itself indicates that it was in fact a "Complimentary" issue and further, the expiry date of the 18th October on the rear of the ticket shown here is some 5 days after the conclusion of the conference. Unfortunately these conflicting details at this stage do not allow us to provide any accurate information regarding the usage of these tickets.
One thing is certain - they are probably destined to be the most elusive Metcards of all.(?)

This design also introduced a new designator style with the letters close together, then a space, then the number.