Individual Neighbourhood Brochures

Page last modified/checked: Saturday, 02 October, 2004

These were produced primarily to be letter box dropped across Melbourne in the week preceeding November 13th. There were ten different issues with households receiving the one relevant to the neighbourhood they lived in. As a result, there would have been some careful consideration as to the quantities to print for individual neighbourhoods and allow for later availability. These brochures were all eight pages in full colour, on thick gloss paper and stapled. A large amount of generic information was common to all issues as was a map of the ten neighbourhoods showing their positions across Melbourne.The balance of the contents (3 pages) detailed the specific neighbourhood with illustrations of some tickets, fares, and a detailed transport map of the neighbourhood to identify its boundaries with adjoining areas. Given that close to 1 million of these brochures were likely produced (at great cost), they were technically out of date come the first fare rise, or any major changes, but were othwerwise a lasting reference. Examples only occasionally surface today.