The Met Reference Booklet

Page last modified/checked: Tuesday, 30 November, 2004

This 17 page booklet, which had several fold-out sections, was proof that the M.T.A. had a hefty budget to publicise itself. The bulk of its contents explained the ticketing system including Concession cards, Group Travel ticket options and other information for those with special requirements. In fact, this booklet was the only place where the general public could learn of some of the more obscure ticket options available to them, complete with illustrations! It also had a preface from M.T.A. chairman and managing director, Mr.Lynn Strouse. There was no date of publication, but it appears to have been ready by Autumn 1985, but not released until around July. The clue to this is a sheet carefully stuck in, to advise of changes to the time availabilities on some neighbourhood tickets - a result of the 1985 State election backlash.

Staff also found the publication useful, and having been advised of its limited supply, were careful as to whose hands it passed into. This ephemera item was very much a reflection of the times and an organisation staking its place in Melbournes urban environment in the 1980's.